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Background / Knowledge and Interests

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1) Consultancies Germany and Europe

System Analyst (1979 -1980)

Senior advisor for  the company Softlab GmbH (today Cirquent) with tasks training and consultation in Germany and Europe (1991 - 2002)


The curricula (CVs) or personal records are in the appropriate languages and updated at a different instances.

Most current CVs in Personal/Persönlich







2) Consultancies outside of Europe


Lecturer and project manager in the advanced training center in economics and social statisticians of the Carl Duisberg society Munich /today InWent Bonn (1982-1987)

Independent consultant  within the range economics planning, statistics and computer application in developing countries (1988-2002)

Consultant (GTZ-CIM) for National Statistics Institute in Mozambique (2003-2007)

Independent consultant (2007 - now)

3) Different Professional Activities

Teacher at German school in Mexico City (1977)

Wood and wood working (1980 - )

Arts and Crafts

4) Travels

Thumbs in the wind - never lose the ground under the feet (Morocco, west Africa, India, Africa and South America, Mexico to Tierra del Fuego)  (1969,1970,1972-1974, 1978 - 1979)

With bicycle and tent (the USA, Spain to Galicia, over the Alps etc.) (1982, 1985, 1990-)

With family (in Europe, in Africa, in Brazil etc.) (1988 - 2013)

5) Miscellaneous

Arts: Drawings and installations

Sports (Football, Skiing, Tennis)

Philosophy, Theology

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