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Auswahl von Projekten

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1) Beruflich Beratung D und Europa



RKTR (Richtkostenträgerrechnung) Thyssen

Rollout e-commerce BMW

KOVP BMW Motorcycle

10/2020 -10/2021 Entwicklung eines sinnvollen Kennzahlensystems für das Liegenschaftsmanagement der GIZ  zum Themenschwerpunkt Betriebskosten von Liegenschaften in Deutschland (z.B. Energieverbräuche, Gebäudeeffizienz, Heizkosten, etc.) - Die Anwendung ist Eigentum der GIZ und daher nicht verlinkt

Abschlussbericht (deutsch)

Anleitung (deutsch)

2) Beruflich Beratung Ausland

Liste der Zeitlichen Abfolge und Dauer der Professionellen Aufenthalte im  (außereuropäischen) Ausland

Projet EU :  Algérie 2017 Renforcement des capacités des cadres du CNES (Conseil National Economique et Social - Alger, Algérie)

Rapport final

Rapport Cloture 20180617

Formation Mai 2018  A14 (2) (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

Formation Avril 2018  A12 (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

Formation Mars 2018  A10 (2) (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

Formation Decembre 2017  A7 (1-3) (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

Formation Avril 2017 A3(2) (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

Formation Juin 2017 A3(1) (Französisch)

Soutien du cours

Compte Rendu

2017 Appraisal mission for the planned Support to SDG implementation in Myanmar / 31 January – 10 February für GIZ

Persönliche Einschätzung (gelöscht)

2015 Training Sampling (Philippines)

TRTA3 (EU) project is to contribute to the Philippines´ integration into the international and regional trading and investment system, Upgrading Knowledge on development of statistical design on sampling used for Field and Market Monitoring for fruits and vegetable. (11/2015 - 12/2015)

Course Program

Exercises (Zip -File)

Handout Part 1

Handout Part 2

Questionaire for Self-Assessment

Report (tbd)

2014 Training Strategies (Nepal)

Concept Papers for Training Stragies for SAARC ( The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation ) Trade Promotion Network and IRD (Inland Revenue Department) Revenue Administration Support. Both GIZ Projects and assigmnent was carried out together with Dr. Sandhya Chatterji of Indian Consultancy IPC. (12/2013 - 03/2014)

Concept Paper for SAARC - TPN (for internal use)

Concept Paper for IRD - RAS

2013 Armutsindikatoren (deuitsch/German)

Eine Studie zur Einführung von Armutsindikatoren als Instrument der deutschen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (nur deutsch/ German only)

11.11.-19.11.2013,  für Abteilung 42 Good Governance und Menschenrechte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH zur Ausarbeitung von Empfehlungen zu Standardindikatoren zur Armutsreduzierung für das BMZ

Studie zu Armutsindilkatoren für GIZ / BMZ

2013 Blended Learning Course 

"World of Development and the Role of Statistics in English“ for GIZ in finished with face to face course in Gbaorone/Botswana 24.06.-28.06.2013,  Blended Learning Course currently running on GIZ - GC21 

Report of BL and f2f course

Presentation on Participation of BL course

Presentation of Statistical Methods for f2f

Statistical Handbook for BL Course

Post Course Support Documents

Preliminary Report (German)


Codebook1, Codebook 2, Codebook 3, Codebook 4, Codebook 5, National priorities

Mozambique (Portugese)

2011 Maputo-Dissemination

2013 Report

2013 Afghanistan

Support to the Central Statistics Organisation Afghanistan (27.04.-08.06.2013) as Key expert on Data Quality and Data Management TOR: 

Assess the current situation of Data Quality and Data Quality Assurance at CSO and the Statistical System of Afghanistan (SSA)

· Propose a system to improve the Data Quality and Data Quality Assurance at CSO and the SSA

· Development of quality tools at all stages, including Total Quality Management TQM

Mission Report

Papers and Documentations

On Quality Gates

The Logical Framework for the Project

How to evaluate the Qualtity Questionnaire

Workshop Contents and Results

Workshop for Ministries and CSO

Presentation on Quality in Statistics

Workshop for CSO

Presentation on Quality Gates

Quality Assessment Questionnaire

Draft Evaluattion of Qu.Questionnaire in WS

2011- 2013 Blended Learning Course  Better Monitoring for Better Evaluation (BM4BE)

For GIZ  in Preparation / to be online 1 Q 2012 / release tb delivered on request - This course is still pending and now scheduled for 2013 for African communities (SADC, ECOWAS, EAC)

Draftt paper document - not to be quoted or used without permission of authors and GIZ

2011 - 2013 Indonesia

Capacity Building: Support to AIMO for the developing of a data base to support publications.. with ASEAN Secretariat Jakarta (Nov./Dec.2013) 

ASEAN Stats Report Writer User Manual 

Mission Reports

User Manual for Prototype of ASEANStats Report Writer

"Capacity Building for the ASEAN Secretariat, 2011-2013: Consulting Services on Structuring and Institutional Development of the ASEAN Integration monitoring Office (AIMO)": Support to AIMO for the developing of data bases to monitor AEC implementation and impact of integration, with ASEAN Secretariate Jakarta (Oct./Nov.2011  - see Projects - AIIP= ASEAN Integration Information Platform developed) - 2.Mission 18.-22.June 2012

2.Mission Report

2.Mission Progress + Training slides

2.Mission Training Document

Mission Report

Report to stakeholders

AIIP Manual for Users and DB Admin

2010 ASTRA (Assessment of Statistical Training) - a Management System (eng.)



A Result/Report Sample

The ASTRA Database (Example as ZIP)

2010-2012 India

By Using Knowledge-Base and Statistics - A Blended Learning Course 2010-2012

HIPA Presentation-120505.pdf

Report of Seminar Proceedings and Recommendation for further activities 05/2012

Tutor Training Course Dec. 2011 - Report

Presentation 1 ; Presentation 2 ; Presentation 3

Online + Face to Face Course 2010 - Jan 11

Timetable and Administration

Final Timetable

A Statistical Handbook for this course

Final Report

Presentations of Face to Face WS

2010 Syria

Monitoring and Evaluation of development plans" in the framework of the Project ‘Regional Dialogue and Capacity Building on the economic reforms in Egypt, Jordan and Syria' JUly 2010

2010 Liberia

Assessment of the statistical training needs of the Liberian Statistical system Mission Report – Paris/Bonn November 2010

2010 Ghana

Measuring Progress: Statistics for MDG Indicators Sub-Regional Workshop ECOWAS (15 March – 19 March 2010) Workshop, Ghana

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

Presentation 5

Presentation 6

2009 Nigeria

Measuring Progress: Statistics for MDG Indicators – Poverty Analysis E-Learning and Workshop (finished in cooperation with Nigerian Burau of Statistics in Abuja/Nigeria Nov 2009) 

2008 Uganda 

Statistics for MDG Indicators / Short Report Report Uganda

2008 for EUROSTAT

Study on Statistical Training in International Cooperation (english)

Etude sur la formation statistique dans la coopération internationale (français )

2008 - 2013 Poverty Analysis and MDGs

Statistical Poverty-Analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa, A course Manual

1991 - 2003 Training Courses InWent, Consultancy Brasil, Paraguay, Cabo Verde

1994 + 1997 Brasil: Turinfo - A system to analyze economic impact of tourism for Brasilian regions (with EMBRATUR) (CookBook, Manual

1997 ff Parguay: Businness surveys for Paragay's industry (with CEPPRO) (Report1 , Report2)

2001 Cabo Verde: Businness surveys for Paragay's industry (with INE) (Report1, Report2)

Training Courses- Social Policy and SPSS (english, french)

Training Courses- Poverty Analysis and SPSS (english, portuguese)

1983 - 1987 CDG Training Program

Computer Use (Programming) for Statisticians

1988 Tunisia

"Développement du Système des Enquêtes Agricoles" im Landwirtschaftsministerium in Tunis-Tunesien  

1987- 1991 HARAMBEE

HARAMBEE – A management workshop (Improved decision making  by using statistical information in a – fictitious- African  state relying on agriculture based economy)

1983 - 1987 CDG Training Program

Standard Software for Statisticians (Sierra Leone 1988 eng.)

Selection of historic Courses Poverty ( engl.+ fren..+ port.)

Current Courses Poverty Analysise 2008 (engl.-User/ Trainer/ Evaluation)

Course POWERPOINT for Statisticians (port.)

Course ACCESS for Statisticians (port.)

Course Pivot Tables for Statisticians (port.)

Course EXCEL+WORD for Statisticians (port.)

Course Computer Basics for Statisticians (port.)

Course Statistics Basics (port.)

Course SPSS Basics (engl.+ fren.+ port.)

Course SPSS and Environmental Statistics (engl.+fren.)

Course SPSS and Social Statistics (engl.+fren.)

1983 - 2007 Selection of Studies and Researches

TURINFO (Influence of  tourism on the economic development in 5 Brazil regions)

Business Surveys and Forecasts (Industry, Trade, Commerce, Construction) for Paraguay

Business Surveys and Forecasts (Commerce, Construction and Tourism) for Cabo Verde

Expertise on the statistical system in Mozambique (deu)

Formal Sector und Informal Sector in Sofala (eng.)

Poverty analysis on basis of the possession of long-term goods in HH for the analysis of water use in Mozambique (eng.)

Collaboration with “Poverty reduction by rural road construction? " – by Humboldt University (deu.)

Opinion survey: Poverty and well-being on district level (port.)

Powerpoint Presentation of SMD project (eng.)

Radio as  Medium of information in the spectrum of HIV (port. + eng.)

About the Statistical System in Mozambique - in InWent Publications  (2006 eng + 2008 eng )

3) Beruflich Andere

3) Tbf soon
4) Holz und Holzarbeit

4)Tbf soon
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