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Travelling in Africa, South + North America, Asia and other parts of the World



  1969 Trip to Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, Libya to Egypt. Then through the Sahara: Algeria, Niger, Dahomey (Benin), Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Obervolta (Burkina Faso), Mali. Senegal back. Descriptionand pictures (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

1970 Travelling to India overland  through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and back Description and pictures (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Description of same Jouney - different intinerary by HH Rump (on one of the photos on train in Turkey (in German- Thanks Hermann)

1972 - 1973 Part1 : Africa (text in German)

Reisen 1972-1973 Zu Fuß und auf Lastwagen nach Kapstadt

Teil1;  Teil2; Teil3;  Teil4;  Teil5

1973 - 1974 Part2 : South America (text in German)

Reisen 1973-1974 Zu Fuß und auf Lastwagen durch Brasilien und benachbarte Länder

Teil1;  Teil2; Teil3;  Teil4

2) Job + Travelling 1975-1982

2) 1977 – 1979 (text in German)

Mexico über Mittelamerika, Südamerika bis Patagonien, wieder zurück nach Rio 

3) Work, Consultancies + Travelling 1982-1987

3) 1986 Working at Bureau of the Census (Washington DC) and Bicycle trip from Ney York City to get there

4) Work, Consultancies + Travelling 1987-today

Overview of where I have been and where I have worked

4) 2009 Delhi / Bhopal: Travel Impressions (in German only) and Photos 1.Part (as Sldeshow)  and 2.Part (as Sldeshow)

5) Afghanistan (Blog with Pictures - In German) and Diashow

6.)Reise 2022 Ägypten Description in German and Pictures (Powerpoint)

7.) Dänemark Mai 2022 Reisebeschreibung und Bilder (Powerpoint)

8.) Oman Oct/Nov 2022   Reisebeschreibung und Bilder (Powerpoint)

9.) Teneriffa Mar 2023 Visiting the Brother (Powerpoint)

10.) SoutherEurope September/October 2023   SuedEuropa (Powerpoint)

9.) Neue Reise   Reisebeschreibung und Bilder (Powerpoint)

5) Miscellaneous / Personal

a) 2012 Travels to Southern Afica (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique) Diashow as PDF

b) 2015 Iran Diashow (Powerpoint)

c) 2015 El Salvador Diashow (Powerpoint)

d.) 2021 Sierra Leone (Report PDF) 

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